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The objectives of the FictionBook community

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FictionBook is an XML format for storage of books where each element of the book is described by tags.

The main objective for storage of books in the FictionBook format is its accurate keeping of the book structure accompanied with the provision of effortless converting (including automatic) of FictionBook files to other popular formats: txt, doc, rtf, html and so on. Beside that, many reader applications allow to read the FictionBook format without converting.

All this serves the convenience of reading.

What's to be done:

  1. The description of the format.
  2. Software feasibility study: editors, readers, converters.
  3. Software development.
  4. Making quality books both in structure and contents.

Another purpose is also achieved: on the basis of the data stored within the FictionBook file, one can easily create a book depot of any volume as a home or public (network) library. Such a depot requires much less processing time and effort, than storage of books of any other type. The FictionBook format is best fit for fiction. Special literature: scientific, technical, is yet hard to describe in this format.

The basic information on this format can be found in the Navigation panel under Articles and Documents. The Programs section describes various programs used for reading and making of books in the FictionBook format, librarian and other utilities. The Testbench is for testing of programs and error reports.