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The namespace "Special:" consists of "special pages". These have no corresponding wikitext; they are created by the software on demand. Some depend on the preferences that have been set, e.g. classic or enhanced Recent Changes, and the number of titles in Recent Changes and the watchlist, etc.

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Special pages for all users

All of the below linked Special pages produce content particular to whatever wiki you are viewing this document on. If you are looking for a list of the available Special pages from a given wiki, use its Special:Specialpages page to get a list, or try viewing the page on this wiki, then editing your web address to change the server name, leaving the page portion intact.

Special pages 
Special:Specialpages : A list of all special pages
Special:Preferences : Set your user preferences; for some project families, notably Wikicities, this applies for the whole family. See Help:Preferences.
My watchlist 
Special:Watchlist : Show the pages you are watching. (Watchlist help)
Recent changes 
Special:Recentchanges : The latest edits in the project.
Upload file 
Special:Upload : Upload a file to the wiki.
Image list 
Special:Imagelist : List of images uploaded that can be sorted by size or date
User list 
Special:Listusers : A list of all registered users. For some project families, notably Wikicities, this applies for the whole family.
Admins list 
Special:Listadmins : A list of all Administrators.
Special:Statistics : total number of pages and users
Random page 
Special:Randompage : redirects to a random page from the main namespace which is not a redirect.
Orphaned pages 
Special:Lonelypages : Lonely articles.
Uncategorized pages 
Special:Uncategorizedpages : Pages without category tags (note that after adding a tag to a page refreshing this page does not immediately reflects the change)
Unused images 
Wanted pages 
Special:Wantedpages : Articles which have been requested / most wanted.
Short pages 
Special:Shortpages - pages in the main namespace, with size (of the wikitext excluding that of templates used) in bytes, in order of increasing size
Long pages 
Special:Longpages - pages in the main namespace, with size in bytes, in order of decreasing size
New pages 
Special:Newpages : new pages in the main namespace - newest pages in the main namespace, with creation date and time, current size, user who created the page, and first edit summary, in reverse order of creation
Oldest pages 
Special:Ancientpages - pages in the main namespace, with creation date and time, in order of creation
Dead-end pages 
Special:Deadendpages : Pages without any outgoing links.
All pages 
Special:Allpages : all pages in a specified namespace in alphabetical order, including redirects (unfortunately without showing which are redirects); is on Wikimedia sometimes temporarily disabled. Шаблон:H:new
List of blocked IP addresses and usernames 
Special:Ipblocklist : Blocked IPs and usernames
Book sources 
Special:Booksources : ISBN Book Sources
Export pages 
Special:Export : Produces an XML file containing the wikitext and metadata of either the current version only, or all revisions, of one or more pages, specified in the form of a list; the XML file is in the format required for Special:Import; exporting is typically done either in preparation of applying the latter at another MediaWiki project, or for searching within old page revisions. See Help:Export and import.
Special:Version : The version of the software the site is currently running
Wikimedia Board of Trustees election 
Special:Boardvote : Voting software for the now finished elections
Special:SiteMatrix : list of all projects
Talk page 
Special:Mytalk : Link to the talk page of the user who follows it.

Restricted special pages

Block user 
Special:Blockip : Sysop only. Used to block or unblock users, IPs and ranges of IPs.


Restore deleted page 
Special:Undelete : Sysop only. One way to undelete a page.
Make a user into a sysop 
Special:Makesysop : Bureaucrat only.
Lock database 
Special:Lockdb : Developer only. Puts the wiki in read only mode.
Unlock database 
Special:Unlockdb : Developer only. Puts the wiki in read/write mode.
Show process list 
Special:ShowProcesslist : Developer only.

Currently unavailable special pages

SQL query 
Special:Asksql : Sysop only. Database interface for running queries. Currently disabled.
All system messages 
Special:Allmessages : Displays all pages in the MediaWiki namespace. Currently disabled.
Unicode Converter 
Special:UnicodeConverter : Converts Unicode to HTML entities : Not currently available outside of the test wiki
Popular pages 
Special:Popularpages : The most visited pages. Currently disabled.
Maintenance page 
Special:Maintenance : Currently disabled.


  • Special:Log - combined display of upload, deletion, protection, blocking, and sysop logs. You can narrow down the view by selecting a log type, the user name (case-sensitive!), or the affected page (usual case-sensitivity, but full name required, e.g. "Image:Map South Holland.png".

Old logs on FictionBook, until Dec 2004:


Special pages can be linked to as usual, like Special:Recentchanges.

Special pages requiring a target page:

Special pages requiring a target user:

Special page allowing a starting page:

In some cases the full URL has to be given, like an external link, for example http://fictionbook.org/w/wiki.phtml?title=Special:Recentchanges&days=3&limit=10 (last 10 changes).

Redirects to Special pages have been disabled because of their complications.

"Special:" in URLs is e.g. "Speciaal" in Dutch, "Spezial" in German, "Speci?lis:" in Hungarian and "?????:" in Hebrew. See e.g the prefix of "Recentchanges" in the URL of the link to the Recent changes.

On a special page the tab labelled with the namespace, in this case "Special Page", oddly links to the Main page.

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